Android I m bak!

See ya Windows Phone… Waited long and got dis blu precious… Now finally I can try to weave some mobile game prototypes and Vulkan…

I remembered I have developed an Android on Google Play back in 2014… And it is one of the most boring game in the world ever. Downloaded it again from Google Play and captured a video…

I don’t think you want to try it out at

AR Paint Ball

Teaching assistant is a tough job..

And the video above is an AR assignment basecode/demo I created as teaching assistant for CIS568-Game Design Practicum at UPenn. The concept is use the phone as a paint gun and PC screen as canvas. I used Vuforia AR plugin and Photon networking plugin with Unity, and combined inputs from camera and gyroscope.

Starting a new game project – Siren’s Aria

Participated in a game jam hosted in the university (PennPlay 2016) last week.

The theme was time, so we built an top-down shooter arena using Unreal Engine where both player can rewind the time of their character and bullets. (Darren designed the game!)

The name of this game is Re:Wind. Got an Editor’s Choice award. Thanks Nicole!



Anyway, I am starting a new project for the game design (and programming) course. And we will be using Oculus Rift and LeapMotion controller. The prototype will be open source at

The name will be “Siren’s Aria”.