I switched to Jekyll and moved all data over!


Now I have a GitHub repository for my blog at here! The old posts before this are still accessible from the archived list.

把之前的数据都转移到了Jekyll,甚至放到了GitHub上 (这里)。为了方便阅读(和掩盖黑历史!) 比这篇博客更早的文章可以在这里找到

It had been a while since I last posted. By a while, I mean 2 years and 3 months. (I need to think about why.) I still had to do the routine maintenance on the server regularly, because I was using WordPress. Every once in a while I had to:


  1. Log in to my vps server with SSH.
  2. Turn off Apache.
  3. Update the software packages.
  4. Turn on Apache.
  5. Log in to WordPress backend. Check if there are new version of WordPress (and plugins and themes).
  6. Allow Apache user to write WordPress folder.
  7. Update WordPress.
  8. Disallow Apache user to write WordPress folder.
    • (In the beginning of time I didn’t do this. Then my blog got destroyed by someone once, and it had to recover with a backup from a month or so before…)
  1. SSH登录
  2. 关掉Apache
  3. 更新软件
  4. 开Apache
  5. 登录到WordPress后台,确认WordPress、主题、插件的新版本
  6. 赋予Apache用户WordPress文件夹的写权限
  7. 更新WordPress
  8. 回收Apache用户WordPress文件夹的写权限
  9. 。。。

I wrote scripts to automate some of the things but, anyway, I am getting tired of doing these. I am not very a weby engineer (“but a gamey one!”), and I was just to lazy to replace it with another thing. But I realized I need something to save me from the labor.


I like version control tools, especially git since it’s decentralized and easy to backup (by just git clone). I cannot live without them. However with WordPress and the blog data in mysql database, it didn’t feel I was controlling them… Plus I want to use my favorite text editor, and markdown.

窝喜欢版本控制软件,尤其是git。它在版本管理的同时还是去中心化的,也就是说每一个克隆了仓库的电脑都是一个有完整历史的备份。总之用git是非常开心的一件事!然而在WordPress里就找不到这样的快乐了:(… 此外,如果能用窝喜欢的文本编辑器那最好不过。

So I made the switch!