This is not an app, it is a method that struck my mind and that I just began to use. Maybe someone is already planning in this way.

  1. Stick a sticky note on the wall, list things need to be done tomorrow. Assign some points to everything. These points are given by importance/difficulty/time needed. At the end of sticky note, write down " / your sum" (For example, the sum of first day of mine is /18pts)
  2. Strike through the line when you have done that thing. At the end of the day, sum up your points (mine is 4/18pts, pity myself) and fill the blank spot. Then put another sticky note on the wall and list the things to be done the next day. If anything is on today's list but not done today, increase its value by 1pt
  3. If the first day of yours is 18pts then when your to-do value reaches 100pts your life fails.
    If you ask me when you can win… Well, life is like Tetris, isn't it?


这不是一个App... 这是窝想到的一种游戏化日程安排并打算开始使用的方法——不过也不知道是不是已经有人在这样做了呢……

  1. 在墙上贴一个便利贴,列出接下来的一天要做的事情,给每个事情一些pts,以重要程度、难易程度和/或时间消耗为依据。并写下 /25pts(就当第一天加起来是25pts)
  2. 在每件事情完成的时候,划掉那件事。在一天完成的时候,结算当天完成的pts 如4/18pts(可恶),然后在列出接下来的一天要做的事情,这一次如果明天也有该日未完成的事情,则该事情的pts比前一天增加1
  3. 嗯,假设第一天的上限是18pts那么如果在某一天上限达到了100pts就说明窝的人生已经失败了……